OSSA's mission statement
Our Mission
The mission of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association is to promote, protect, preserve, enhance and support the office of Sheriff as conservator of the peace in providing public safety services to the citizens of Oregon.

What Oregon Sheriffs Do:
  • Respond to citizens in need
  • Enforce Oregon's laws
  • Operate County Jails
  • Process, Serve and Enforce Judicial Civil Notice and Orders
  • Investigate Crime
  • Manage 18 of Oregon's Parole and Probation Offices
  • Provide Search and Rescue Services
  • Provide Court Security
  • Administer Oregon Concealed Handgun Licensing Program
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Jason Myers
Message from OSSA President,
Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers

April, 2015 -- I’d like to begin by thanking our outgoing President, Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt, for his leadership and efforts to advance the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association over the course of 2014. As the incoming President, I’m prepared for the challenge and look forward to working with our elected officers, my fellow sheriffs and our executive director. Our association is on track to do some great things in 2015, with a goal of fulfilling its mission to strengthen the office of sheriff and enhance public safety in our communities across this great state.. Read more.

John Bishop
Message from OSSA Executive Director,
Retired Curry County Sheriff John Bishop

April, 2015 -- Wow, we are already into spring and heading fast into summer. This legislative session is a marathon and sprint race all rolled up into one! Topics such as racial profiling, body cameras, use of force, mental health, and marijuana are all being discussed this year. Make no mistake, there are serious issues facing law enforcement such as severe lack of funding, mental illness, and public perception, just to name a few. These problems are very complex and will take everyone working together to help solve. There will be differences of opinion and we need to respect those; however, we need to set our own personal agendas, prejudices and perceptions aside, and work with facts and trust. We all need to do what is best for all Oregonians and not just a small few. We also have to look at the costs involved, both monetarily and human. This may sound like a tall order but I believe as sheriffs we can do this with the legislature. The sheriffs are problem solvers by nature and are up to the task. Read more.

Andy Long
Featured Sheriff
Sheriff Andy Long, Tillamook County

Sheriff Andy Long grew up in the Willamette Valley around the Springfield/Eugene area. He has been active throughout his life, hiking and fishing the Cascades. The Three Sisters Wilderness is still one of his favorite places to hike and climb. Andy and his wife Kayla love to travel and experience other cultures, and usually try to travel to locations that include a surfing destination. Andy is a true waterman, with experience as a Coast Guardsman, scuba diver, fisherman, and as a competitive surfer for ten years, competing on the west coast. Read more.

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