Conservators of the Peace

Message from OSSA Executive Director

John Bishop, OSSA Executive Director & Retired Curry County Sheriff Summer, 2017 – As I write this, we are in the middle of May which is when we remember our fellow officers and deputies who have given the ultimate sacrifice. There are only two days in America where by law the flag is to fly […]

Sheriff Bruce Lohrey, Sherman County

After graduating from high school he moved to Bend, Oregon and attended college. He originally wanted to be a school teacher, so he was taking courses to further that goal. Becoming a school teacher was a bit of a conflict for him, since as he says, “Law enforcement was a way of life for my […]

2017 Session: Most Difficult for Policing in Decades

A Legislative Session with the current legislative environment can be extremely difficult. OSSA lobbyist, Kevin Campbell, has stated, “I can confidently say that the 2017 legislative session is the most challenging in my 22-year career.” There are a number of reasons that the 2017 Legislative Session is particularly challenging for policing interests including the following: […]

Message from OSSA Executive Director

John Bishop, OSSA Executive Director & Retired Curry County Sheriff Spring, 2017 – As we head into the 2017 legislative season here in Salem, your sheriffs have several important issues they are facing this year. Our legislative committee really hasn’t had any time off since last year, as we are either trying to get bills […]

Sheriff Chris Humphreys, Wheeler County

Sheriff Chris Humphreys is the fifth generation of his family to live in Wheeler County. He began as a deputy sheriff with Wheeler County in 1997. In 1999 he left Wheeler County to work for the Portland Police Bureau, moving back to Wheeler County in 2013 when he was first sworn in as Wheeler County […]

DPSST – Oregon’s Best-Kept Secret

On June 1, 1961, Governor Mark O. Hatfield signed House Bill 1590, creating the Advisory Board on Police Standards and Training to establish standards for the training and certification of city and county law enforcement officers. The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (OSSA) has played a significant role in the formation of this Board and has […]

Legal Analysis: President’s Executive Order of January 25, 2017

Many Oregon residents are asking their local Sheriff how President Trump’s January 25, 2017 Executive Order on Immigration will change local practices. The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association provides the following analysis of this complex issue. The answer, at least in the short term, is that immediate changes to police practices are unlikely. All Oregon police […]

Message from OSSA Executive Director

John Bishop, OSSA Executive Director & Retired Curry County Sheriff Winter 2016 – Wow, where did the year 2016 go? At this time of year, we always look back and see what we have accomplished or what we wished we would have accomplished in the past year. As I write this, we have just returned […]

2016 OSSA Annual Conference and Awards Banquet

The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association hosted the 2016 Annual Conference in Bend, Oregon, held December 4-8, 2016 at the Bend Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center. There were approximately 260 Sheriffs and law enforcement professionals in attendance, along with 83 vendors, their equipment and personnel to staff their booth. During the election of officers, Washington County […]

Oregon Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police Support a New Approach to Drug Possession Crimes

Oregon Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police recognize that every community and most of our citizens are touched in one way or another by the damaging impacts of drug addiction. We understand that it ruins lives, breaks hearts, burdens families and robs our communities of individuals with potential. Too often, individuals with addiction issues find their […]