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Sheriff Craig Zanni Sheriff Craig Zanni

Coos County Sheriff's Office
250 N Baxter
Coquille, OR 97423-1897

tel: 541-396-7800
fax: 541-396-1025
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About Sheriff Zanni:

Sheriff Craig Zanni won an unopposed election in 2010 and came out of a very busy retirement, where he was a Special Investigator for the District Attorney and the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Zanni spent thirty-three years as a professional law enforcement agent. He was educated at the United States Army Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. College of the Siskiyou's, Southwestern Oregon Community College and the Drug Enforcement Administration Drug Task Force Commander's school and Clandestine Laboratory Task Force Command School. Several thousand hours of documented, professional law enforcement training.

During his Law Enforcement career, Sheriff Zanni started with several years as a Deputy Constable and Reserve Deputy Sheriff, in Siskiyou County, California. Then thirty years with Coos County Sheriff's Office. Zanni worked his way through the ranks from Deputy to Detective Sergeant and Commander of the Investigation Section. During his tenure he spent three years as Administrative Sergeant and twenty five year as a member of and the last four years as four years as the commander of SWAT. He spent ten years as the Supervisor of the field training officers of the Criminal Division and fourteen years as the coordinator for contractual services with DEA/USFS/BLM narcotics eradication programs.

The Sheriff has been married 42 years to his wife Christine. They have three children and 10 grandchildren.

Among his Goals in office, Sheriff Zanni has said, "One of my most important priorities will be to provide the leadership, training, and support which is an absolute prerequisite to the level that effective professional law enforcement requires. Present staffing levels mandate efficient and effective use of all available personnel through improved training and reorganization. Closer working relationships with the Sheriff's Posse, Search and Rescue, Reserves and other supporting organizations will be a priority. Liaison, cooperation, and mutual assistance with other agencies have become increasingly important, and will be actively sought and cultivated. I pledge to spare no effort to find positive and creative ways of dealing with our current difficulties.

Thirty three years law enforcement experience has given me the insight and experience necessary to achieve the results the citizens of Coos County deserve."

From OREGON SHERIFF Magazine News

Coos County Sheriff's Office In Action

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Fall, 2014 – Signs of summer coming to an end are visible on the Southern Oregon Coast as I write this. At a gathering just last evening someone stated that it was nine o’clock and already dark outside. Oddly everyone turned and looked out the screened door as though we didn’t want it to be true. Summertime has proven to be exceptionally warm and dry with the threat of water shortages and potential wild fires.

The Coos County Sheriff ’s Office continues to undergo changes as we say a fond farewell to retirees, or sadly say good-bye to coworkers who have chosen to move on to other professions and locations.

The Coos County Fair was well attended and as always, enjoyable, as we witnessed the 4-H youth with their many varying projects, along with sharing in the joy of their projects being selected to go to the State Fair; ribbons and smiles are the result of a job well done.

The Sheriff ’s Office has numerous new employees going through training; just this year alone we have added six new dispatchers, five new patrol deputies and hopefully the Corrections Division will be at full staff before too long. Most, if not all, new hires will have received or be near completing the State mandated training for the position they hold.

I would like to take this time to state that as Sheriff, I could not be more proud of the staff and volunteer members of Coos County. Each person has something to contribute and adds significantly to who and what we are all about in the community in which we live. Every aspect, from top to bottom, has proven itself to be a much needed asset and benefit to the office. Thank you to each and every one.

Additionally we look forward to our partnership with the Liquid Natural Gas agency that will be a major event in the coming year. Our training program to meet the challenges to the Sheriff ’s Office is in full swing as we move towards the hiring of additional persons to meet the needs and requirements of that new facility.

With summer’s end we look forward to enjoying autumn on Oregon’s Adventure Coast with hunting, hiking, ATV riding, fishing and so much more. Please remain safe and careful when out and about as our fire season is not yet ended and still holds potential for damage, danger and expense.