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94235 Moore Street
Gold Beach, OR 97444

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29808 Colvin Street
Gold Beach, OR 97444

tel: 541-247-3242
fax: 541-247-6893
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About Sheriff Bishop:

Sheriff Bishop was born in Roseburg (1962) and raised in Coquille, Oregon. After graduating from high school, he moved to Arizona and attended school.

He started his professional career in the corporate world as the North American Supervisor for Yokohama Tire Corporation in their Mining Division. In 1988 he applied for a law enforcement position in Oregon and was accepted.

In the 23 years of law enforcement, Sheriff Bishop has served as a patrol officer, detective, assistant chief of police, chief of police, and now Sherriff. He has led numerous major investigations in narcotics, sexual assaults, major money laundering, and capital murder cases. He also assisted in investigations with a team at the California's Pelican Bay State Prison. He has also worked closely with the Department of Justice, and numerous federal agencies.

Sheriff Bishop has taught investigations, interviewing techniques, and other law enforcement classes for the local college and has specialized training from the Israeli Mossad and Secret Service in specialized areas of investigations.

He has been awarded the Marine Corps "Distinguished Service Award" and other awards, he currently holds an Executive Certificate from DPSST.

Sheriff Bishop is married and has three children. He has coached football for the past 25 years and is currently coaching at the local high school.

He comes from a law enforcement background as his wife leads the Parole and Probation Division for the county and his father-in-law retired as a Lieutenant from the Inyo County Sheriff's office in California where he helped in the Charlie Manson case.

While at times it has been difficult, he enjoys his career in law enforcement and would not trade the experiences and friendships along the way for any other profession.

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Spring, 2014 – We made it through another winter, except we didnít have a winter. As the rest of the state received snow and ice, down in Curry we had one of the better winters anyone can remember. However, along with that, we may pay for it when summer comes along with the rise in fire danger.

During the holidays our jobs didnít slow down, and a rash of burglaries increased. The suspects would hit and then hop across the state line, and get rid of the property before anyone knew it was missing. The deputies have been doing a great job in piecing the evidence together, have made numerous arrests, and have even recovered a lot of the property taken.

The Marine deputies were busy with a sunken commercial boat in the channel in Brookings. The commercial boat took several days to remove and it was a team effort between the Coast Guard, Oregon State Police and Curry County Sheriff deputies to help remove the boat with none or very little environmental damage.

The biggest deal of the winter was Curry County hosting the Public Safety Summit in Gold Beach. We had over 22 sheriffs in attendance along with commissioners from around the state and staff from the governorís office. The event was moderated by Steve Kent with the Results Group. This summit was held because several counties are in financial crisis and other counties are right behind them. Unfortunately, public safety seems to always be the first thing cut and a lot of our citizens are not being protected the way they should be. The problem is very complex and the sheriffs take this very seriously. We see what is coming down the road and it is not a pretty picture. The sheriffs, along with county commissioners and the governorís office, are continually working on solving this issue, but it took over 20 years, with broken promises from the federal government, along with bad laws to create this problem, so it will take a while to unravel.

As we head into spring and summer and start enjoying the outdoors again, please be safe and prepared. Always let someone know where you will be going and what time you expect to be home.