Union County

Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen

Union County Sheriff's Office
1109 K Ave
La Grande, OR 97850

tel: 541-963-1017
fax: 541-963-1023
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About Sheriff Rasmussen:

Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen was elected and began serving in 2005 as the Union County Sheriff, replacing retiring Sheriff Stephen Oliver.

Sheriff Rasmussen brings his ability to work with people to solve common problems in his role as Sheriff. He began his law enforcement career at Sheriff's Office in 1996 while completing a business/economics degree at Eastern Oregon University.

"Running a Sheriff's Office is like running a business. In order to be successful in operating the patrol, corrections, and civil functions of a Sheriff's Office, adequate funding and strong fiscal management are critically necessary." The Sheriff has established strong working relationships with the County Commissioners, which has led to a strong commitment to adequately fund the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Rasmussen has a firm belief that law enforcement has to be fair. "How you treat employees is an indication of how you'll treat the public," he says. "If your employees feel they're treated fairly, that will carry through to the public." The Sheriff's Office employees strive to deliver the highest level of law enforcement service to the citizens of Union County.

The Sheriff appreciates the lifestyle Eastern Oregon offers. "I grew up in this fine community, and I'm committed in working to keep it that way." Boyd and his wife have six children; four daughters and two sons.

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Spring, 2014 – The Sheriff’s Office is very pleased that the City of Union decided to renew their law enforcement and animal control contracts. Renewal of the contract will allow the Sheriff’s Office to provide the citizens of Union with a higher level of service by designating Deputy Cody Bowen as the Union Deputy.

On February 22nd, deputies were involved in a 5½ hour standoff with a person who had barricaded himself and four children in his home. The situation was resolved peacefully with no loss of life or injuries. Sheriff Rasmussen would like to commend his deputies for the high level of professionalism they displayed and also thank our community partners; Oregon State Police, La Grande Police Department, Baker City Police Department, CHD and La Grande Fire Department for their assistance.